No Credit Card Psychics


Connect with a psychic today!


On No credit card Phone Psychics website, we connect in the most convenient way possible. It begins by dialing #9362 on your mobile phone. When you call, text or reach us online you will connect with an individual medium listed above.


They will then help guide you on the path that you are seeking regardless if it is love, health or wealth.

No Credit card Psychics

Live a more meaningful life!


It just doesn’t get better than a date with a psychic.


By using our service, you will no longer need a credit card to talk. We bill your mobile phone. Many people are finding this the ideal solution for help during troubling times. We are open 24 hours a day and everything our mediums talk about is confidential.


While we do not want to give all our secrets away, we have news! We are currently working on a new and more modern version of our services that we hope to release early in 2016.


Helping people solve problems through guidance and insight since the early 1970s,  we will continue to do so.  We are proud of that.


Help, when and where you need it the most. In the palm of your hands.


Got Questions? Our trained psychics may have many of the answers you have been searching for.


In fact, mediums have advised rulers since the dawn of civilization. Known for their insightfulness, psychics provide helpful solutions. They have a sixth sense and are able to see what many of us cannot.


If nothing else, they create a special friendship and bond with you.


It’s like having a best friend on speed dial! Don’t hesitate call today and see what your future holds! If nothing else they create a special friendship and bond with you.


Consulting with a psychic hotline ic is not about ESP or magic. It is about providing you with assistance information so you can change your own future.